My “why”.

bloggerSo this is my first post! The main reason I’m doing this blog is to have a creative outlet to write (which I haven’t done much of since Brea was born). I enjoy chronicling all of the things Brea and I do. I see taking photos as capturing memories that we will have forever. Some may think I go overboard with the amount of photos I take/post of my daughter, but I feel there can never be enough! I want to remember everything. Every day. Every silly thing she does. All of the “firsts”. Her favorite things at different points in her life. And instead of just posting pictures of it, I want to remember the experience and how I felt when those things happened.

I also enjoy making sure my family is healthy. As healthy as they can possibly be. When Brea started solids, I made all of her baby food myself (thanks to my amazing Baeba babycook) because I wanted to be sure I knew every ingredient going into her body. I’m still that way, but she can’t be on purees forever! So here I will also share some of my favorite healthy hacks and healthy snacks that she loves. Food I feel good about feeding her. I buy organic where it really matters – milk, produce, cage-free eggs, meat, yogurt…basically anything dairy and fruit or vegetable based. A few of my favorite brands are Horizon Organic, Annie’s, and Stonyfield. In addition to making sure we’re healthy on the inside, I also focus on our minds and bodies. I am not a gym person – I prefer to get our exercise throughout the day. We take lots of walks, go on hikes, and have lots of outside play time. I think Brea would live outside if I allowed it!!! Whether it’s just in the backyard or at a park, we find ways to make it fun! Every day we also make sure to squeeze in some kind of educational activity or practice our numbers and letters in a fun way.

Another thing I will be sharing are some of my favorite “me time” activities. I love a good homemade salt scrub or face mask. I love to read. And I love my MOMS (Moms Offering Moms Support) club. Brea and I do a lot of things with our MOMS club and have made so many friends by becoming a part of it!

I look forward to giving everyone a glimpse into some of the fun, healthy, silly things that happen every day with us. I hope you fall in love with our life as much as I have. 🙂



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