You won’t even know you’re burning calories

…when all you’re doing is playing with your toddler! Just last week, we were gearing up to go play in the snow. Today, it was 60 degrees!20170112_133047-1

We take full advantage of anything above 50 degrees. Today we spent 2 hours outside, constantly moving. We played hide and go seek (which at 2 years old, consists of lots of chasing each other around and running from tree to tree), and went on a long walk. To get the most physical activity for both of us out of our walks, I do half the time with her in the stroller so I can walk at a fast pace. To keep that interesting for her, we play I Spy with passing cars and now that she’s into her shadow, I hide mine so she can see hers and vice versa. Then for the second half of the walk, once we’re back to our neighborhood/have a sidewalk, I let her walk so she can get her exercise in. It’s really easy to get physical activity into your day when you have a little one to do it with. You don’t have to be a gym rat to burn calories. She’s having fun, we’re getting quality time in, we both get exercise, and she’s ready for a  nap by the time we’re done. It’s a win for everyone!


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