Cozy weekends

For some families, weekends are their time to go on trips or special outings. But since Brea and I fit most of that into our days during the week, it’s usually our time to stay in and just be together as a family. Brea usually sleeps a little later, which for me means I can catch up on the last season of Pretty Little Liars, then when she wakes up we snuggle in bed for a bit and stay in our jammies a lot longer than we normally would. It’s also my time to get some things done around the house that I wouldn’t normally have help with, and to take longer showers than normal since someone else is home to watch her!

We just finished laying on the couch together, Brea laying in my arms, my legs on Luke, with a bowl of popcorn watching Lilo & Stitch. Those are the moments that I live for. It’s not about all the outings, while those are fun. These calm and peaceful moments are the most fulfilling to me. I have her on my chest, her head directly under mine so I can smell her hair and rub her soft skin while we lay there and enjoy a movie together. I mark these days by wearing my “LAZY” sweatshirt to make sure we don’t leave the house and take in each other’s company. We put away the phones, let her pull out any toy she wants (and as many as she wants) and not worry about putting things back in their place until she’s asleep later tonight. We read books, we may pull out her paints and let her use her creativity and imagination. We watch a whole lot of Doc McStuffins, Mickey, or Kate & Mim-Mim…whichever one she’s feeling that day.

I love my little family, and I hope weekends stay this way for us for a very long time. I let the day go however Brea wants it to – we never know what will happen until she tells us!


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