Lunch date with Nana

Yesterday my book that was on hold at the library was ready, so we decided to take Brea up there to play in the children’s center on our way to lunch. She had such a fun time! There were only a couple other kids there so she pretty much had the place to herself. They have lots of cool toys to teach them to trace their letters and learn their colors.20170113_121354


Then she picked out a Peppa Pig book for me to read to her, and sat through the whole book which is a first!20170113_122933

After the library, we went to Friendly’s and had lunch. They have a new thing called “chicken pops” which is just a chicken finger on a popsicle stick, but it really helped her to eat them without any assistance from me! She had a side of applesauce, which she then started dipping her chicken pops in…a good idea I’ll admit! And after she ate lunch, she and I split an ice cream sundae which she loved.

20170113_134101 picture0113171408_1

She loves the days we get to spend with Nana, Brea just adores her. She’s been very involved in her upbringing and we’re so happy to have days like this one. ❤


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