It won’t happen in three days.

So, remember the other day how I said we were on day two of potty training and it was going SO well? Well, it’s a whole lot harder than the people in those articles make it out to be. It’s certainly not a “three day and done” process. Those first two days did go a whole lot better than I would have imagined, but that third day was hell. Three accidents, of course in the worst way and place ever. It’s been a week and one day since we started, and while there have definitely been a few more accidents, each day gets better and I’m so proud of my little bubs. But I need to re-iterate this again: THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN IN THREE DAYS! One trick I’ve found, if your child likes dolls- buy a baby doll potty and sit them down next to your child and make them feel like they’re doing it together. Brea’s biggest issue is going #2 in the potty. If she feels like people are watching her, she will hold it and not go all day. I still haven’t figured the secret to that out. And here’s a fun little story to back that up…

Luke got home around 4 today and we had a really good day with no accidents. He was just about to take her outside to play before it got dark when all of a sudden she disappeared into her play room. It’s unusual for her to do that and not call one of us in to play with her. So I tip-toed over to, what I thought was going to be, me watching her play independently and be very proud of her. Instead I found her over behind her tee-pee looking at me in a devious way. Then the smell hit me. She had pooped her pants. So I pick her up, yell for him as if he knows any better than I do how to handle that, and we decide to just put her in the tub and hose her off. Well, as I hold her with one arm trying to pull her pants down with the other, poop flies OUT of her pants…all over the shower walls, the floor, my pants, and is still stuck to her body like glue. Of course it had to be literally the loosest poop she’s had in months. So after a bath, a shower for me, a load of laundry, and a lot of bleach, we got it cleaned up.

Don’t believe those people who say it’s done in three days.


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