A sick week :(

Well, we had quite the crazy week. Brea had been coughing for a couple of days, which I thought was just a cold since it wasn’t accompanied by a fever, but it seemed to get worse with each day. So I spoke to her doctor over the phone and she said to try giving a dose of Benadryl at night to dry up the cough. That didn’t work, so off to the doctor’s office we went. We found out she had a low-grade pneumonia and needed to be put on antibiotics for the first time in her life. I’ve always heard a lot of doctors “push” antibiotics, but since this would be Brea’s first time and the benefits outweighed the risks to the doctor and I, she started her first round of Amoxicillin. She wanted to see her 4 days later to follow-up and make sure she was getting better, which she wasn’t. She was a little better but she still heard sputum in her lungs so we had to up the antibiotic to Augmentin. Since doing that, she has made a complete turn-around.

A whole week quarantined inside the house can really do a number on Brea (and on mommy)! So each day I pulled out different puzzles and different books, and we did a lot of pretend play in her playroom. We also did a little painting project that she really enjoyed.



After a few days on the new antibiotic, she was finally healthy enough that we could resume our usual walks! I was itching to get in some outside exercise and she just loves being outside in any way, shape, or form! We even took the dogs with us so she could hold the leash, which is her new favorite thing to do. While we were stuck inside, she was hooking up her stuffed dog Max to the real dog’s leash and running him from the front door to the back door, haha!


I’m so glad she’s back to her normal self and we can resume all of our normal activities! We have a busy weekend ahead of us and our Valentine’s day party is quickly approaching… and I have a very special surprise for her V-day present and can’t wait to post about that!


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