Babies don’t keep.

Oh, my sweet Brea. I’m loving this phase in our relationship. There are moments when I miss the little baby who needed me for everything, and the feeling I got from experiencing all those milestones and a new “first” every month…but then I look at her now.

I am in love with the little girl she is becoming. She’s strong, independent, brave. She jumps off the edge of the armchair on to the cushion without even contemplating the risks, she says “hi!” with a big goofy grin on her face to every passerby (which we’re going to have a talk about when she’s a little older). She wants to wear purple pants with a red printed dress and a blue bow, and she thinks she’s lookin’ good! I love to let her be herself. But these are the things we want for our children- to be brave, friendly and polite, unique, and comfortable with themselves. It makes me think that I should be more like her. She just makes me want to be a better human. I wish I had the courage to walk up to people I found interesting and start a conversation! But that’s the cool thing about being a mom- a lot of times you casually talk to someone and it starts out about your kids, but they end up being a really awesome person who you end up befriending.

Another thing I’m loving is our conversations. She is the funniest person ever, and she loves saying things she knows will make me laugh. If I ask her a question, I get a real, (mostly) honest response. When we’re outside, that’s when they get especially fun. She notices every little thing and gets so excited about the simplest things! When we take walks, we like to watch the birds and watch our shadows as they follow us. A stick, turned into a walking stick, can entertain us for thirty minutes. It’s just amazing how you don’t need “things” when you have someone with you that is so excited about the actual outside world.


The rate at which she’s learning is amazing to me. Her retention level is crazy. She’ll bring up something that happened days prior…and while I’m fully aware humans have memories, I’m just not used to her being able to remember so much! This is going to make being the Easter Bunny difficult in a couple months. She now knows all of her colors, every animal that’s ever existed (she LOVES dinosaurs) and we’re working on the alphabet now.

This entire post was written with only my left hand because she fell asleep on my right one…I wrote it anyway. As I look down at her, I just can’t wait for what’s yet to come. You’re gonna do amazing things, Miss Brea Rose.



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