With today being Independence Day, it’s got me thinking a lot about freedom and what it means to be free. And I have to tell you – when I look around me, I often see the opposite of freedom.

So many people are imprisoned by dissatisfying careers, relationships, finances, poor health, and other forces that are keeping them from enjoying true happiness and freedom.

It hurts my heart to see so many chained by their circumstances, living someone else’s version of freedom.

Do you feel like you’re living the life you’re meant to live? The one you have imagined in the deepest depths of your soul?

Your job, your life – they should set you free and make you come alive. If they’re not, maybe it’s time to change that.

I’m in the midst of building this career for myself that allows me to live out my dreams, make a living, and best of all – fit it all in around my life (and not the other way around).

To me, freedom means being able to DO what I love while being around THOSE I love. It just so happens that health, happiness, and helping others are all things I love to do and I’m so blessed to have found a way to fulfill all of those.

Six months ago, I wasn’t searching for this life. But I’m so glad it found it’s way to me and that I answered “yes”.



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